Welcome to KunstRemise 12

I would like to introduce you to the joint project of the painter Zoran Barešić and art agent Irene M. Hinze, which began in 2010. The KunstRemise 12 is just now located in the Jüdenstraße in a listed building on Remisenplatz in the beautiful Old town of Spandau.

The Kunstermise 12 is dedicated to modern paintings of Zoran Barešić. His passion is in particular Abstract Expressionism and Action Painting. But artist can never settle; he likes to take contract work and murals. Experimenting with different techniques plays an important role in his works. He draws his inspiration from what he sees and experiences every day. The images he draws are powerful and dynamic. Colors blend with an intention that you sink into them. The imagination takes its course. The viewer feels drawn and inspired. Therefore, he must take the time to embark on a journey into the world of images and colors. His paintings have changed repeatedly over time, just like him. His subjects are as varied as his biography.
The artist, to family and friends also known as Jack, was born and raised in 1974 in Doboj (Bosnia) in the former Yugoslavia, spent several years in Germany. He is now living in Croatia, and works there and in Germany as a freelance artist. He is married and has two children. His art works are presented in many exhibitions in Croatia, Bosnia, Austria and Germany. He is a member of the Art Association "Vlaho Bukovac" in Split and co-founder of the artists' colony in the eco-village Grabovci, where he regularly hosts cultural events. He is also a member of the theater group "Dramska Grupa Proložac" in Croatia.

Irene M. Hinze

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Ich glaube an die Notwendigkeit der Kunst, - nicht als Ersatzwelt, sondern als Symbolwelt menschlicher Realität.

      J. Christoff Ammann